High Performance Organizations

We help organizations to win with employees through moments of truth, and create meaningful reward and recognition programs that sustain the engagement and growth of employees drive to deliver a shared purpose.

Based on the belief that you get what you reward and recognize every day, we support organizations in implementing effective programs that focus on the following steps:

  • Identification of company or teams’ goals that the reward and recognition program will support.

  • Identification of the key employees’ moments of truth.

  • Translation of organizational values into tangible and measurable behaviors.

  • Identification of the desired performance at individual and team levels for the accomplishment of the company’s goals.

  • Determination of key measurements of performance and behaviors, based on the individual or group’s previous achievements.

  • Determination of appropriate rewards and recognitions integrated in the organizational rituals.

  • Development of leaders to effectively execute the program in a natural and consistent way.

  • Effective and compelling communication of the program throughout the organization.

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