High Performance Organizations

Diagnosis and design of the organizational structure is taken from the perspective of the current state, as it has evolved by formal and informal relationships: interdependencies that are not explicitly defined, but that formed in response to the basic needs of the work itself.

The purpose is to establish organizational structures that develop mastery in individuals demonstrating the multi-skills and flexibility to contribute to the flow of work required to deliver on their organization’s commitments.

The results-orientation of High-Performance Organizations requires employees to have a broader view of work and a greater range of capabilities for influencing results than in traditional organizations.

We facilitate the construction of high-performance organizational structures by:

  • Building full business accountability in a way that every individual and team contribution is tied to the core value-added processes of the organization.

  • Promoting collaboration in work and innovation across regions, functional boundaries and hierarchies.

  • Developing self-sufficient, self-organized teams with a feeling of shared destiny, and full contribution to the purpose and goals of the organization.

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