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A successful digital remote culture consists of both social and technical attributes.



Socially speaking

The cross-functional connections and relationships already built and those yet to be forged across your organization are the groundwork for self-organized team.s..



Technically speaking

Your teams will need to leverage functional work systems (tools, structures and methods) that facilitate the expected outcomes. We’ll share tested options.

While we’re committed to working within quarantine to protect each other through physical distancing, this guide will offer you one component per day leading you through our framework to 5 KEYS  to follow this week, experimenting each day- iterating toward a more successful digital remote culture.

“All organizations are perfectly designed

to get the results they get.”

-David Hanna

This guide is designed as a synthesis of the many different perspectives and approaches to complexity theory. The aim here is primarily to communicate the central concepts in complexity theory and provide an intuitive understanding for complex systems. This should enable readers to be able to understand and communicate in a few words what complexity is and the key features to complex systems. After much time spent reviewing the literature on the subject, we identify four basic interpretations to the theory of complexity that forms the structure to this guide.

KEY #1

Put in the time, principles drive the behaviors which serve as the foundation for your teams’ success

PRINCIPLES and the Behaviors That Make Them Work

Who has the infrastructure to ignite or sustain disruption? Asking ourselves that question led our team to study successful organizations, models and individuals: Amazon, Netflix, Agile, Singularity, and others. What we universally found beneath their cultures was a foundation based on clear, simple, universal principles. Why is that important? Principles guide the thousands of choices we (individually and organizationally) make each day.

“Everything you are comes from your choices.” –Jeff Bezos

From those choices, come behaviors. Key behaviors needed to support remote collaboration include empathy, transparency, respect, a-synchronicity, embracing differences, and a shared perspective of the organization as a living organism. These behaviors are the basis for agility and adaptability- we’ll show you how to spot them, and structure your drumbeat to build and  enhance these behaviors.

If you, like thousands of others suddenly find yourself thrust into navigating a remote workforce, accept your challenge as a leader to quickly establish and communicate a set of principles to guide your team through the next two weeks. It’s a new day- the old rules don’t apply for at least the next couple weeks (maybe more?). Take a day to  cross-pollinate some  operating principles for the foreseeable near future- we’ll share the bases you need to cover.

KEY #2

Prioritize the needed outcomes

OUTCOMES that Serve as Organizational True North

Once shared principles are understood and in play, turn a laser focus on aligning around the outcomes that help your customers win. Everyone who engages with your organization’s products & services does so because your company fulfills an unmet need.

Witnessing doctors and scientists, data scientists, governmental leaders and myriad others rise to the occasion, actively counter-measuring the virus in this global crisis, have you asked yourself: “How can I help?” What does your organization bring to the community that it needs?

Contemplate that for a moment. How would your employees or teammates answer that question? Let that marinate, and  in the upcoming days we’ll introduce you to the workings of a social and technical  method (OKR) to keep your company on time and on track to your critical outcomes- now more than ever.

This guide will walk you through what OKRs are and what they are NOT, to help you quickly establish an incredibly effective mechanism to ensure your teams can deliver benefits to your customers during this period of disruption

KEY #3

Network squads to work autonomously together

NETWORK. Autonomy Meets Teaming

Squads are designed to maximize autonomy while fully attuned to organizational true north. The ability to ‘self-organize’ and work interdependently, understanding, trusting and actualizing the expertise and contributions of each individual yields a sum far greater than its parts. Prerequisites for functional squads include (a) a clear and shared understanding of true north [established through your principles], and (b) crystal clarity of the necessary outcomes [prioritized through your OKRs].

The inherent structure of self-organized teams is optimal in these remote conditions. Migrate together to the necessary outcomes pulling in the subject matter experts at the right time for the right duration to accomplish the objectives and key results that deliver immediate benefit to your customers. We’ll guide you in how to organizationally support this different way of working.   

The COVID-19 disruption is GLOBAL. Rising to the occasion ourselves necessitates that we overcome complacency and brave a new way of working together.


  • Forgive yourself for imperfect execution.
  • Embrace your pioneering spirit.
  • Engage in rapid experimentation of these techniques to make the next couple weeks the best work experience you’ve ever been a part of!

The conditions are perfect to try something new. Join our Telegram community as you experiment and we’ll help you with coaching and resources to leverage these 5 KEYS.

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KEY #4

The drumbeat aligns us irrespective of proximity

DRUMBEAT. Synchronizing Hearts and Minds

Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters and Years are periods for discovery and delivery. Within a set cadence, teams figure out what to ‘build’ through a discovery process, and then deliver it through a delivery process. What is the right cadence? It depends. Setting the right rate entrusts your team in powerful ways. What happens when you entrust your team to discover and deliver? I mean really give them the authority and capacity and responsibility to discover and deliver? They discover, and they deliver. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be your team.
From a leadership perspective, if you’re under the impression that remote work obscures your ability to SEE progress, let’s quickly decouple that understanding. When your teams connect the progress of their outcomes to appropriate check-in periods, they are powerfully equipped to engage in the work bringing THEIR skills to bear on the outcome. Checking-in on the right outcomes at the right timeframes creates a predictable drumbeat synchronizing hearts and minds which fundamentally drives high performance.
A drumbeat facilitates knowing when something is out of synch. It serves as an ‘andon cord’ for the teams. With that level of consciousness we use the mechanism of our routines to immediately call or show up for intervention before an accumulation of lost time, waste, obstacles, errors, or cost. Whether that happens in the next cube or via skype is irrelevant.

KEY #5

Tools that enable an outcome driven organization

TOOLS. Agnostic and Effective Mechanisms

Communities of practice such as Lean, Agile and others offer tools, structures and methods to co-create, collectively problem solve, and achieve an outcome-driven remote culture. Digital-native tools emerge every day enhancing (if leveraged and integrated well) our ability to connect, communicate and put our skills to work in evermore effective, efficient ways.

We will offer insights on some tools ActioGlobal uses when building organizations and a handful of collaborative tech apps. 

This guide remains agnostic to dogmatic approaches by pulling forward a curated set of purposeful tools and tech available to help you and your teams connect even better during these weeks from remote locations. Anyone who has ever implemented an ERP or CRM system knows the kind of titanic “solution” that can be. Big ships turn slow. Our aim is to equip you to be nimble and responsive leveraging the right tools and technology through this disruption and beyond to address your teams, suppliers and customers immediate needs.

Live the lesson in our Telegram community to try, learn and experiment together. 

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In times of crisis, we’re all called to draw upon our gifts, experiences and skills to help one another. Our team at ActioGlobal offers this guide in that spirit of community to support one another in adapting, adjusting and overcoming the difficulties that unexpected remote work may bring, so that together:

WE  #shapethenext.