11 May 2021
beliefs new work

Two Rock-Solid Beliefs to Shape the Future of Work and Business

The History of Work and Business   Let’s start with a flashback to the origins. Before the Industrial Revolution, most manufacturing work was done by small organizations […]
5 May 2021
New work rules

NEW WORK Rules – How Google and its people evolve the best version of themselves

It’s neither their colorful logo, the Googleplex state-of the art building, its attractive courtyard nor the extravagant bicycles for the staff that make their employees happy, […]
27 April 2021
Pere Barnola

Pere Barnola joins ActioGlobal to consolidate the firm’s international expansion and accelerate the development of the Digital Technologies Hub.

Global presence, digitalization, and high-impact leadership have become key capabilities for companies striving to transform themselves to still lead in the future. Pere Barnola joins ActioGlobal […]
27 April 2021
Leadersship Transformation

To Lead or to Shape the Next?
A Leadership Transformation

The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” Seth Godin Of course, […]
24 March 2021
FUEL - La gasolina para el futuro

FUEL – Make your Business Future-Proof

The last few months have seen disruptions in the deep-rooted paradigms of almost all businesses. Today we know that the future is going to be different. […]
17 March 2021

“Drumbeat”: make the heart of your organization beat stronger

There is a certain level of uncertainty inherent to any activity or project aiming to generate sufficient impact to change the status quo. Consequently, the outcomes […]
11 March 2021

Leadership is about Respect and Developing Talents

Being polite, friendly and helpful – this is what many leaders simply understand by respect. No doubt, these are prerequisites, but is this already enough? For […]
4 March 2021

How to Make Strategy and OKR the Organizational Compass to Learn and Win

Strategy is the most powerful tool to give every team the possibility to learn and win. But for that purpose, strategy must be something else than […]
24 February 2021

Five Contributors to a Volatile Culture

This article is a coalescence of my direct experience with over 5,000 companies worldwide during a 5 ½ year tenure with a renowned global Institute focused […]
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